Following up on the South Caucasus Documentary Film Festival of Peace and Human Rights – “Nationality: Human”, CAUCADOC supports local initiatives to organize documentary film festivals in their home towns.

CAUCADOC believes that it is highly important to show quality documentary films not only in the big cities, but also in the regions, where the cultural events, as well as possibilities of getting current independent information are limited. Therefore, small documentary film festivals with screenings followed by debates are organized in regions of the whole South Caucasus.

CAUCADOC provides support to motivated groups (NGOs, informal groups) determined to organize such festivals.

In 2013, two rounds of CAUCADOC festivals took place in sixteen cities of the South Caucasus – five of them were held in Armenia, three in Azerbaijan and seven in Georgia and disputed territory of Abkhazia. Each festival lasts up to three days. Altogether, more than 4900 people attended the festivals, watched quality documentary films on critical social issues and participated in follow-up debates.

During the festivals, ten films (dubbed in national languages) were screened, covering the topics human rights, conflict transformation, migration and other. The films come from the One World IFF archive and were shot in different parts of the world. Important part of the films is of South Caucasus origin. Each screening was followed by a debate lead by the trained facilitator. Special guests-experts in given topic took part at most of the debates.

At least nine festivals (four in Armenia, four in Georgia and one in Azerbaijan) proved ownership of the festival idea and ability to continue independently in the future. The remaining seven festivals did their job well in terms of screenings and discussions, however failed to match the stricter requirements related to independent, effective and sustainable functioning (raising enough funds and ensuring a real festival atmosphere, not just “NGO screenings”).

One World echoes in Armenia in autumn 2014 would be supported by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Yerevan. The proposed project is one of the spin-off effects of the CAUCADOC festivals.



Everybody can watch/screen the films from CAUCADOC festivals thanks to the Do It Yourself Screenings. You can borrow great documentary films legally and free of charge and screen them to your friends and acquaintances wherever you want. At home, at school, club, cafe…


- choose a film: see the right column on this page or download the CAUCADOC videotheque catalogue here;

- contact CAUCADOC staff in Yerevan, Baku, Tbilisi or Kutaisi, asking for the film;

- read the DIY conditions (screenings free of charge, after film debates, no multiplication of DVDs, …) and pick up the film;

- screen the film to your friends, classmates, at your event…  You will find guidelines on how to do a good screening in the How to organize a documentary film festival  manual (English, Russian, Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani version);

- share pictures from the screening at CAUCADOC FB or send them to CAUCADOC;

- within 2 weeks after the screening, bring the borrowed films back to CAUCADOC.

Festival Films

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Gini Reticker/ USA/ 2008/ 72 min.

Read more


Jaroslav Vojtek/ Slovakia/ 2009/ 72 min.

Read more


Norman McLaren/ Canada/ 1952/ 8 min.

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Putin´s Kiss

Lisa Berk Pedersen/ Denmark/ 2012/ 58 min. Read more

The Machine Which Makes Everything Disseaper

Tinatin Gurchiani/ Georgia, Germany/ 2012, 58 min. Read more

Amazing Azerbaijan!

Liz Mermin/ UK/ 2012/ 60 min.

Read more

Bavakan (Enough)

Adrineh Gregorian/ Аrmenia/ 2013/ 40 min. Read more

Through Ellen´s Ears

Saskia Gubbels/ Netherlands/ 2011/ 18 min. Read more

Enemies of the People

Rob Lemkin, Thet Sambath/ UK, Cambodia/ 2009 / 59 min
read more

Memories Without Borders

Levon Kalantar, Mehmet Binay, Ayaz Salayev/ Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan/
2012 / 55 min
read more

The Other Chelsea – A Story from Donetsk
Jakob Preuss/ Germany/ 2010 / 54 min
read more

Forbidden Voices
Barbara Miller/ Switzerland/ 2012 / 52 min
read more

You have Been Trumped
Anthony Baxter/ UK/ 2011/ 95 min
read more

Zero Silence
Johnny von Wallström, Javeria Rizvi Kabani, Alexandra Sandels/ Sweden/ 2011 / 57 min
read more

Our School
Mona Nicoara, Miruna Coca-Cozma/ USA, Switzerland/ 2011/ 90 min
read more

Autumn Gold
Jan Tenhaven/ Austria, Germany/ 2010/ 54 min
read more

Slum Stories: Romania – Gyuri
Andrei Dascalescu/ Netherlands, Romania/ 2011/ 8 min
read more

Anywhere but Here
Tamara Milosevic/ Germany/ 2009/ 72 min
read more

My Neighbor, My Killer
Anne Aghion/ USA, France/ 2008/ 80 min
read more

Kapitalism – Our Improved Formula
Alexandru Solomon/ Romania, France/ 2010/ 55 min
read more

Last Train Home
Lixin Fan/ Canada, China/ 2009/ 52 min
read more

Karla´s Arrival
Koen Suidgeest/ Spain, Belgium, USA/ 2011/ 58 min
read more

Recipes for Disaster
John Webster/ Finland/ 2008/ 85 min
read more

The Pipe
Risteard O Domhnaill/ Ireland/ 2010/ 83 min
read more

Family Portraint in Black and White
Julia Ivanova/ Canada/ 2011/ 52 min
read more

The Unwelcome
Tomáš Škrdlant/ Czech Republic/ 2010/ 95 min
read more

Drona and Me
Catherine Van Campen/ Netherlands/ 2010/ 19 min

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